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Hi, I'm Elena. I help individuals and organizations discover their full potential.



Walking the talk - putting words into action - is central to everything I do. Whether I am working with teams, as a communications trainer, or as a business coach: Practice beats theory, doing beats thinking! This versatility and hands-on approach is exactly what drives me forward. Standing still is really not my thing, so getting to know you, and to expand the Walk the Talk portfolio, is near and dear to my heart! I have implemented every concept in a real-life scenario myself, experiencing both challenges and benefits first hand and I am happy to pass on my learnings.

About Me

Training & Workshops.

Through the topic of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) which I discovered in 2016, I started to participate in many different training sessions and became fascinated by the idea of offering a modern version of these workshops myself. I joined a one-year NVC train the trainer program and this is where I was really catching fire on 2 levels: on the one side, it was the NVC mindset as I could see the positive impact on my own life, and on the other side developing workshop formats for topics I find impactful (see the list below). The ideal training for teams consists of three elements: New skills are acquired, new processes are introduced, and the team grows closer together.

Combined, they increase the chance of permanently integrating the training content into the team culture. Through different channels, I gather as much information as possible about the organization and the specific team in advance. That way, I can make sure to build on the resources and processes that are already established in a team - there is no need to start from zero. I also involve the team in finding the best way to meet their challenges: A one-fits-all solution doesn’t exist. I can offer the topics below in different packages from the 4 hour quick and dirty training to a multiple-day workshop series in german (native) or english. 


+ Nonviolent Communication, feedback, conflict management 

+ Purpose, values, vision and goals


+ Self-Leadership (time/task management)

+ Loop Approach




Organizational Development is one of the fields that I have explored in-depth over the past five years. While working at EMPAUA, a “self-managed” (based on the holacracy model) IT consultancy, I’ve conceptualised, managed and nurtured the framework for a modern, trust-based company culture. Exploring radical transparency, unlimited holidays and experimenting with new types of meeting formats were just some of the cornerstones that made my day-to-day work varied and exciting.

Areas of expertise:

1. Progressive HR processes and structures

​+ transparent team hiring 

+ onboarding 2.0 

+ self-executed salary process 

+ transparent salaries

+ self-managed firing process 

2. Strategy and organizational design

+ working with roles (Holacracy)

+ objectives & key results (OKRs)

3. Team development 

+ team values and purpose

+ new meeting formats

+ feedback culture 

+ conflict resolution 

+ learning and development 



In this capacity, I have created, implemented and developed all of the processes along the entire employee lifecycle and expanded upon them over the years, incorporating the latest innovative trends and methods. I am curious to find out more about your most pressing challenges and how I can add another perspective on the company as an external consultant. 




The right processes and strategies, a strong team spirit and a great company culture are very important aspects of a thriving business. But for the team members to be thriving too, they need to be able to discover their full potential. I know firsthand what it is like to look for a missing part in life: I was very unhappy with my original career choice and opted for a radical new start. I had no idea where I would end up, but I decided to embark on the adventure that is the startup world and just go with the flow. Best decision of my life! My own path was made by walking, step by step, toward what fit best for me, and with the help of inspiring individuals I met along the way, I got closer to the career I am beyond passionate about today. Now I get to accompany people on their own journey to a more fulfilled and content working life.



So what is it that really motivates people and makes them flourish? Which negative beliefs prevent them from achieving their goals? Which skills and resources are already available to them and just waiting to be used, and which are still needed, for example, to perform really well in a leadership role? These are the questions that drive my work as an Integral Business Coach.

In 5-7 sessions, I help my clients to work out goals and unlock their potential to achieve them.

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